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Studying a top-ranked MBA program in Sydney

The AGSM MBA program at the University of New South Wales (UNSW) has once again ranked as the leading full-time MBA program in Australia and 35th in the world in the Financial Times (UK) 2011 ranking.

The MBA program is designed for those looking to take their career to the next level.  It is ideal for those who would like a fast promotion in their chosen career, as well as those who would like to thrive as an entrepreneur or move into a different industry.  Those accepted onto the course are intellectually very capable, experienced and highly ambitious.

The AGSM MBA program is a 16-month general management program that prepares graduates for leadership roles in business and government. The program incorporates scenario modelling and simulations into traditional classroom teaching, using the case study method and a strong emphasis on teamwork to develop management skills, encourage critical thinking and sharpen decision-making abilities.

As part of the MBA program, students have access to the AGSM MBA Careers Team which provides students with the opportunity to develop their career management skills during the course of their MBA program. The range of career services on offer is specifically designed to provide students with the tools for successful job searching and career management, as well as the guidance and support needed to map out a long-term career path.

The Career Services team have had some impressive results. The Financial Times surveyed MBA alumni who graduated from the AGSM MBA in 2007 and who participated in the current survey. In 2010, these alumni earned an average salary of US$123,520 representing a 99% increase on their average salary over the three years since graduation, compared with their pre-MBA salary.

Another benefit of studying at AGSM in Sydney is that students are granted opportunities from living in the financial capital of Australia and gateway to Asia, the world’s fastest growing economic region. The AGSM MBA is aware of the importance of this region and as such, offers elective courses such as International Business Strategy in Asia (IBSA), courses from the AGSM Hong Kong program, as well as the opportunity to spend a session abroad on international exchange.

As the interaction between Australian businesses and Asian-based businesses is consistently increasing, it has become critical for the managers of Australian corporations to develop the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively conduct business activities in the complex, dynamic and highly diverse Asian markets.

Elective MBA courses are designed to provide Australia’s future business leaders with the opportunity to not only get a taste for the intricacies of such a culture, which is a vital pre-requisite for the success of any business relationship, but also to forge strong business networks. These courses also give students a substantial competitive edge in future employment opportunities with corporations that do business in Asia.

This is the 12th consecutive year the AGSM MBA program, which is delivered by the Australian School of Business at UNSW, located in Sydney, has ranked in the top 100 MBA programs worldwide. It is also the fifth year running it has ranked in the world’s top 50 MBA programs.

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T. +61
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