House passes bill prohibiting overbooking of airline passengers
By Sammy F. Martin

MANILA, Oct. 10 (PNA) -- Bayan Muna Paty-list Rep. Neri Colmenares over the weekend said that the recently approved House Bill 6191, or the Airline Passengers Bill of Rights, is unprecedented in airline legislation because it is the first bill that outrightly sides with airline passengers and explicitly prohibits over booking.

“The prohibition came from Section 33 of House Bill 5361, which I authored and is now Section 11 in the present bill. This does not mean that airline carriers would not profit with this prohibition but we should prevent them from earning super profits at the expense and inconvenience of passengers,” said senior deputy minority leader Colmenares.

“I hope that senators would also file a Senate counterpart of HB 6191 so that the measure would be passed before the Christmas season starts when overbooking is rampant. Airline passengers could write and lobby our senators to expedite the bill,” he added.

According to the veteran solon, “it was good that the House leadership heeded our call to pass it and did not let the lobbying of powerful airline companies to stall or kill the bill,”

“The bill seeks to remedy the abuse of airlines of passengers who suffer delay and cancellation. It also provides for 20% discount on airfares to senior citizens, persons with disabilities (PWDs) and students,” he explained..

The measure also requires airlines to reimburse 75 % of the fare as long as the passenger cancels the flight at least 24 hours before departure because now almost nothing is left of the fare when one reimburses.

It also requires airlines to provide refreshment for a 2 hour delay including free phone or internet and hotel for (PNA)

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