Quezon City and Chiba City, Japan strengthen ties, cooperation

QUEZON CITY, Oct. 10 (PIA)--Quezon City Mayor Herbert Bautista and Mayor Toshihito Kumagai, of Chiba City, Japan recently signed a Reaffirmation of Friendship to strengthen their ties as sister cities.

Mayor Kumagai, who led the 28-man delegation composed of city officials and representatives from Chiba, expressed his pleasure in visiting Quezon City.

“I am happy to come here in time for Quezon City’s celebration of its Diamond Jubilee year,” he said.

The 37-year old Chiba mayor also expressed hope that the visit would promote deeper exchange between the two cities as he welcomed future cooperation with Quezon City.

During the welcome banquet, Mayor Kumagai presented the current development projects and the future plans of Chiba city government. He also discussed the various attractions of Chiba as well as the local products and the culture and life in Chiba.

Toshiaki Deyama, chief of Chiba’s Sewerage Planning Division, presented Chiba’s flood mitigation initiatives and discussed the various measures implemented by the city government that included rainwater storage and catchment system.

Quezon City Mayor Bautista and Vice Mayor Joy Belmonte for their part presented Kumagai with the key to the city, as well as other tokens that included the Diamond Jubilee coffee table book and the Jubilee commemorative medallion.

Bautista praised the enduring relationship between the two cities as he noted that Quezon City can benefit from Chiba’s knowledge and technology on monorail technologies as well as take lessons from its successful flood mitigation scheme.

The Chiba delegation later visited the Quezon Shrine and the Quezon Heritage House at the Quezon Memorial Circle and the Bistekville housing project at Barangay Kaligayahan. They also observed legislative proceedings of the QC Council at Albert Hall.

The relationship between the Quezon City and Chiba City dates back to 1972, when Mayors Norberto Amoranto and Kazushige Araki entered into a sister city agreement, aimed at promoting exchanges and active partnership. (QC PAISO/RJB/sdl/PIA-NCR)

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