Pasay City’s new Environmental Code will be strictly implemented- Calixto

PASAY CITY, Oct.16, (PIA) - -Pasay City Mayor Antonino Calixto announced that the “Environmental Code of Pasay” recently passed by the City Council which took effect on October 6, 2015 will be strictly implemented.

The code aims to ensure that the present and future generations of the City’s residents will enjoy a balanced and healthful ecology in accord with the rhythm and harmony of nature.

Calixto said, “This landmark legislation stresses the resolve of the City Government to address the climate change concern and the issue of sustainable development,” he added, “We will implement the full force of the Law.”

The Mayor explicitly cited Section 9 of the code requiring all landowners to plant herbal medicinal, vegetative, ornamental, shade and fruit bearing trees. If any of these dies, it must be replaced.

Owner or lessee of newly built structures is required put up a greening area/portion of the land where the building is to be constructed.

Household and small businesses such as salons, sari-sari stores and clinics are required to maintain a minimum of 3 pots of plants.

Buildings, establishments such as condominiums, factories, companies, hotels, convention centers and malls are required to devote 10 percent (10%) of the total floor areas for Pasay greening program.

Meanwhile commercial and industrial establishments are mandated five percent of their total floor area for the same purpose.

Calixto stressed that the City Engineer or the Building Official of the City Government will not issue and/or approve the building permit unless the said area allocated for greening shall have been set aside and complied with.

“In an urban setting such as Pasay, we need to maximize our spaces but we should still provide green spaces for plants to grow,” the Mayor said.

Since Styrofoam and plastic bags are major cause of sewage clogging and flooding, one of the provision in the Environmental Code bans its use in whatever form.

Any store or business establishment that violates or fails to comply with the Code provision, after a due written notice has been served, shall be guilty of an infraction.

The following penalties have been imposed upon violators: Warning for the first violation; an Administrative Fine not exceeding P1, 000.00 for the second violation; and, P3, 000.00 for the third violation.

Closure of the business or cancellation of the Business Permit will be meted for the final violation.

Meanwhile, the Mayor stressed the important role of barangays in the implementation of the Code such that every barangay in the city is required to set up a Barangay Environmental Desk to address and report violations.

“The role of the barangay is very important. We should educate each and every citizen of Pasay to do its part to save the environment. I believe that this is the first step towards a cleaner and greener Pasay,” Calixto said. (Pasay PIO/RJB/LFB/PIA-NCR)

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