Floyd Mayweather wants fight between Nicaraguan 'El Chocolatito' and Cuban Rigondeaux

MANAGUA, Nov. 25 (PNA/Xinhua) -- Retired boxing world champion Floyd Mayweather wants to see a fight between Nicaragua's Roman "El Chocolatito" Gonzalez and Cuba's Guillermo Rigondeaux, local media reported on Tuesday.

Nicaragua's official news portal El Pueblo Presidente published that the former U.S. champion met on Monday with the Nicaraguan boxer in a shopping center in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The former world champion commended the Nicaraguan on his work in the ring even though he admitted that he had never seen Gonzalez fight in person.

Mayweather told the Nicaraguan that he thought Rigondeaux would be the perfect opponent for him.

"I would like to see the fight between 'El Chocolatito' and Rigondeaux in the Bantamweight category (115-118 pounds or 52.2-53.5 kilograms). I believe it would be a good fight," said the former world champion.

"El Chocolatito" is getting close to reaching the record of 49 undefeated fights which was set by deceased Rocky Marciano and then matched by Mayweather.
Both "El Chocolatito" and Rigondeaux stand undefeated. The Cuban has won 16 fights while the Nicaraguan has won 44, 38 by knockout. (PNA/Xinhua)

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