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Selected Comments
: TNTs Fear Trump’s Enforcement Surge)

Come legally, then you do not have to worry. You are taking a chance hoping it won't happen to get deport it. It does not mean you are sending remittances to your family, you are safe, and President can help. I help my family all the times in different means sending LBC boxes and money. I came legally here and it is good feeling.


So whose president is this guy Duterte? His government accepts billions of remittances from these beleaguered Filipinos in the US but he refuses to lift any of his fingers to help them out?! I think he said that because he knows he can't have Trump help him. He is gutless and he could care less. All he does is live up to his reputation as a wanna be Marcos.

San Bernardino, CA

Selected Comments
: The Slut-shaming Misogyny of the Duterte Administration)

Such a lengthy litany of the Filipino male's unquenchable hunger for and fixed on sexual appetite especially for foreign, fair-skinned, and blond hair women. Philippine women and men both, largely Catholic, have always ignored the Church's teaching against adultery and covetousness. Why, then, would we believe all those display of religiosity of Filipinos, here and abroad which amount to a direct insult of a Supreme Being? If you believe me, Filipinos are living and existing under a lot of contradictory behavior under the laws of ethics and morality.


Perhaps the Philippine women's movement is not motivated by the American movement because they have vastly differing concerns and emphasis.Having lived in the Visayas for 9 yrs, I don't see the culture as amenable to protest movements anyway. As women have become more educated and have risen in prominence their social standing likewise has risen in the RP.Thanks to those from San Diego (my home for 25 years) for their comments. San Diego is not Manila though, and Manila is not the Philippines (as most Phil-Ams are from Luzon the significance of that point may be lost to many).American feminism has become so detached from the sort relevant to the RP that any meaningful movement has to come organically from the RP. Do that.

Brian M
Siquijor Island

We had two women presidents you had none. How can you say we are anti-women?As for your president Trump he is God-chosen for this time in your history. Every president that you elected into office fit the situation your country was in. When you were hit by 9/11 you had Pres. Bush. When you went war against Muslims you had Pres. Obama to defend them. They were the men of their time. You can say that too to President Donald Trump.

joey Amadora

Selected Comments
: Filipinos Need to Understand That Two Wrongs Do Not Make a Right)

I witnessed in my short time on drugs 2 young beautiful women overdose and die, and many others on Methadone who are just like walking dead. I saw the children suffer as their parents spend all their money on drugs. I saw other children get involved in drugs as early as 7 years old. I saw screaming babes born already addicted to Heroin. All this suffering is overlooked in this evil world to save a dirty low down scoundrel drug pusher who is the guilty one that deserves the death sentence in opposition to the innocent one. Remember, I never went looking for drugs… drugs came to me in the form of the drug pusher. And yet you shallow thinkers want to save this evil pusher so he can lead hundreds to their inevitable death? Where in the name of goodness is your understand shallow people.

Michael Regan
Tagaytay, Philippine

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