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Can the Philippine National Police (PNP) Do Anything Right?

n December 10, 2008 combined forces from the Special Action Force, Naval Intelligence Security Force, Top, seven-year-old Alyanna de Vera. Bottom, the bullet-riddled windshield of the van where she and her father Alfonzo were killedSouthern Police District and the Highway Patrol Group converged on Sampaguita Avenue in the United Parañaque Subdivision. They were hot on the trail of the notorious Waray-waray & Ozamis robbery and holdup gangs. With a tip that a particular business establishment was going to be robbed by the gangs, the police forces laid out their trap.

But when the smoke finally cleared 16 people were dead, four of whom were innocent civilians. Seven-year-old Alyanna de Vera and her father Alfonzo were killed after their Crosswind van was peppered with bullets by police who mistakenly thought their van belonged to the robbers.  The vehicle riddled with over 80 bullet holes guranteed its occupants had no chance of coming out alive.

Another victim was Ronald Eusebio a Skyway employee who simply happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. Thought to be a member of the robbery gang, Ronald was also taken down by automatic fire. He left behind a toddler and a grieving wife who has vowed to seek justice for his death.

Initial findings by the National Police commission (NAPOLCOM) show that the entire operation was flawed from the get-go. Lourdes Eusebio, at the wake of her slain husband Ronald,  is seeking accountability from the governmentSloppy or non-existent planning and an almost complete disregard for the PNP's own rules of engagement guaranteed that innocent bystanders would be placed in harms way. NAPOLCOM Vice Chairman Eduardo Escueta in his initial investigation stated that inadequate blocking force was used. In other words the police operatives blocked the front entrance to the area of operation but failed to block the rear entrance, where de Vera's vehicle mistakenly entered.

Erickson Santiago another NAPOLCOM investigator added that  police operatives were dressed in civilian clothes and not police uniforms as required. This made it impossible for civilians to differentiate the cops from the robbers.

Leila de Lima, chairwoman of the Philippine Commission on Human Rights has vowed to pursue justice for the the victims of this tragedy. However, based on the commission's weak and almost non-existent impact on human rights in the country, Filipinos aren't holding their breath. In fact the vast majority of Filipinos don't even know that such a commission exists.

So until the Philippine National Police stop putting only the marginally-competent in uniform and handing them automatic weapons, the best that law-abiding Filipinos can do is pray they're not in the wrong place, at the wrong time. But if they are...they need to be ready to meet their Maker!

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