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In the Philippines, the More Things Change, the More They Stay the Same

Elections results listed below
Partylist Groups results

ith the country's first-ever automated election behind them, Filipinos have started patting themselves Benigno "Noynoy" Aquino III, the next president of the Philippineson the back for a job well done. For the most part, congratulations are in order; the recently held elections were relatively honest, relatively peaceful, and the results were made known relatively quickly.

This election has given the country what could be it's first truly honest chief executive in over a dozen years. And Filipinos who have had nothing but disappointment from the last two administrations cannot wait to see what that will like. But while the country seems to have gotten its sheen back, scratch the surface and and you will see that there are festering problems that need to be treated before the country can really move forward as a nation.

For instance, while the majority of the electorate may have chosen Noynoy Aquino, a convicted plunderer Joseph Estrada managed to place second besting seemingly more qualified candidates. Octogennarian Imelda Marcos celebrates her recent congressional victory with a song and dance numberIn Ilocos Norte, Imelda Marcos handily won the congressional seat in her district. Even some foreign observers were witness to the violence and intimidation that seems to have become a way of life for ordinary citizens in the far-flung regions of the country. The future president himself had to endure a four-hour wait in a scorching hot and overcrowded precinct before he could cast his vote.

In the end, this entire generation of Filipinos—whether at home or abroad—must be willing to change. We as a people must be willing to shed those traits that hold us back; those bad habits that keep us down, those dark thoughts that keep us from seeing the light.

With an great leader at the helm, Filipinos will be able to bring about that change, real change that we can be proud of passing on to our children. 

Presidential Election Results*
Benigno Noynoy Aquino III Aquino 14,011,275
Joseph Erap Estrada Estrada 8,858,900
Manuel Manny Villar  Villar 5,073,546
  Teodoro 3,709,571
  Villanueva 1,029,368
  Gordon 470,121
  Perlas 49,358
  Madrigal 42,655
  De los Reyes 40,430

Vice Presidential Election Results*

Jejomar Jojo Binay  Binay 13,652,421
Manuel Mar Roxas  Roxas 12,822,304
Loren Legarda  Legarda 3,856,671
  Fernando 944,562
  Manzano 712,962
  Yasay 327,491

Senatorial Election Results*


Revilla 18,064,856
2 Estrada 17,646,265
3 Santiago 16,118,967
4 Drillon 14,759,103
5 Enrile 14,592,736
6 Cayetano 12,765,863
7 Marcos 12,323,528
8 Recto 11,529,294
9 Sotto 11,107,895
10 Osmena 10,807,988
11 Lapid 10,217,702
12 Guingona 9,578,265
13 Hontiveros-Baraquel 8,507,137
14 Biazon 8,047,374
15 De Venecia 7,826,848
16 Remulla 6,965,229
17 Lim 6,830,491
18 Roco 6,290,925
*Latest COMELEC election results as of 8:50 a.m. PhT, May 16, 2010

Partylist Groups Election Results**


Ako Bicol Partylist 1,393,050
2 Coalition of Association of Senior Citizens 1,159,810
3 Buhay Hayaan Yumabong 1,136,935
4 Akbayan 946,328
5 Gabriela Women's Party 910,602
6 Cooperative NATCCO Network Party 878,768
7 ABONO 739,463
8 An-waray 701,443
9 1st Consumers Alliance for Rural Energy 689,528
10 Bayan Muna 670,334
11 Citizens Battle Against Corruption 594,203
12 Advocacy for Teachers' Empowerment 556,823
13 Agricultural Sector Alliance of the Phil. 501,473
14 Alliance for Barangay Concern's Party 422,390
15 Butil Farmers Party 416,934
16 Anakpawis 399,625
17 LPG Marketers Association Inc. 393,103
18 Kabataan Partylist 376,220
19 Abante Mindanao Inc. 339,407
20 Act Teachers 330,324
**Latest COMELEC election results as of 7:04 p.m. PhT, May 14, 2010

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