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For Filipino-American Voters, the Choice is Clear This November

efore some readers out there get "bent out of shape" as a few inevitably do when we comment on American politics, keep in mind that this website originated in California and is run by Filipino-Americans. Tea Party-supported candidates like Christine O'Donnell (left) and Sharon Angle are benefitting from large corporate donations to their political campaignsSo you might as well get used to the fact that from time to time we will talk about US political issues here.

With the mid-term elections less than three weeks away, it is time we  reached-out to Filipino-Americans to share our thoughts about what is at stake this November. Sadly, we are seeing the benevolent and compassionate America of years past fading into the mist of time and in its place a more intolerant, less inclusive America is emerging. President Barack Obama who was handed an overwhelming mandate in 2008, has tried repeatedly to reach out in the spirit of bi-partisanship but has been consistently rebuked by a Republican Party that seems to want to deny him any accomplishment whatsoever.

Even GOP moderates who once worked with their colleagues "across the aisle" are now forced to march in lock-step with Tea Party extremists who have taken-over their party and seem hell-bent on hurling America back hundreds of years; reversing many of the hard-won social and political successes it has achieved.

With the activist court of Chief Justice John Roberts and its recent "Citizens United" decision, businesses can now pour unlimited amounts of money intoTea Party rallies like this are attended by  predominantly white Americans who regularly attack President Obama and his policies political campaigns. In the upcoming elections, fringe Tea Party-endorsed candidates are suddenly becoming viable candidates thanks to the millions of dollars from large corporations who are bankrolling their campaigns.

For many Filipino-Americans this is an alarming turn of events. Most chose to migrate to America for a reason. That reason was America offered them a fair shake; a fair shot at life; a promise that if you worked hard, you could attain the American Dream. Those things were next to impossible to attain in the Philippines where only the rich held sway and if you weren't rich, you would likely remain poor—because the laws were stacked against you, the courts were stacked against you, even the culture was stacked against you.

Now the United States could be turning into a country like the Philippines, where the very rich and powerful can buy elections and thereby control the government. Filipino-Americans must now sound the clarion call to the dangers facing America. We know all too well what it is to live in a country where only the rich and powerful have a say and literally get away with murder. Filipino-Americans must now stand up and repudiate the radical right-wing, Tea Party-controlled agenda of the GOP. Because the America we have known and believe in is so much better than that.

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