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A New "Statehood" Movement? Pinoys for Annexation By China

With Chinese ships maneuvering unimpeded all over the South China Sea, and the Philippines unable to do anything but watch,China's home-grown J-20 supersonic stealth jet fighter undergoes operational testing in China there is a miniscule yet growing number of Filipinos who are taking to heart the adage “If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em.” These folks are the 21st century version of the “Philippine Statehood” movement of the sixties and seventies. And while the rest of us might quickly dismiss them as an inconsequential, fringe group, they do make compelling arguments for their cause.

Adding fuel to the fire, on May 7, 2012 He Jia, a TV news anchor for China's state broadcaster CCTV said on-air that “the Philippines is an inherent part of China's territory over which China has unquestionable sovereignty.” What Jia really meant to say was that the Spratly Islands were part of China. Though she quickly apologized for her gaffe, ultra-nationalist Chinese lit up the internet agreeing with her initial statement.

So why do a handful of Pinoy uber pessimists harbor the notion that the Philippines would be better off under China? Here are a few of the arguments they put forth:

  • China will soon be the world’s richest and most powerful country. The Philippines might as well become part of it sooner rather than later.
  • The decades-long Mindanao conflict that has so divided the country will come to an end should the Philippines becomes part of China. Since China is atheistic, neither Catholics nor Moslems will have any power to control anything.  It will also be the fulfillment of Jose Rizal’s dream of finally ridding the country from the grip of the Spanish friars or their modern-day counterparts in the CBCP (Catholic Bishops' Conference of the Philippines).
  • Filipinos thrive and prosper when someone else makes the rules. As an example, Filipinos in North America do very well under American and Canadian governance where laws are enforced strictly but evenhandedly on everyone.
  • China’s one-child policy will slam the brakes on the Philippines’ exploding population. Forced sterilization after a certain number of children could well become a distinct reality under Chinese rule—this would be like the RH Bill (Reproductive Health Bill) but on steroids.
  • The Philippine Military in no way, shape or form can stand up to China’s war machine as it stands today. Forcing our young men to battle such an overwhelming foe would be nothing short of sheer irresponsibility. It would be like marching our boys into a giant meat grinder!
  • The Philippine economy today is already controlled by the Chinese anyway. Filipino-Chinese businesses are among the largest private sector employers in the country. Most Filipinos already have a Chinese boss.
  • In a few decades even the United States will be unable to decisively defeat China. The Philippines will have no one to turn to even if the U.S. really wanted to help.
  • In China, there is swift justice for all those who break the law. He Jia, an anchor for China's CCTV, news program “24 Hours” apologized after mistakenly saying that the Philippines was part of ChinaEven high ranking politicians get the axe.  In 2007 China executed Zheng Xiaoyu who ran China’s Food and Drug Administration. Mr. Xiaoyu was found guilty of corruption in May 2007 and was executed two months later in July. No decades-long court maneuverings like you have in Philippine courts where only those with lots of money have the staying power and the ability to out-bribe their opponents.
  • The Philippines was number one in Southeast Asia when it gained independence from the United States in 1946. Since then it has gone from the very top to near bottom in the six decades since Filipinos started calling the shots. It takes a lot more than just really bad luck to fall that far down. Pinoys it seems are simply incapable of properly governing themselves.
  • Though overwhelmingly unpopular today, future generations of Filipinos will be thankful that the country became part of China. Just ask Hawaiians whether they’re glad they are part of the United States? In 1898 when the Newlands Resolution was passed annexing the Hawaiian Islands as part of America, the majority of native Hawaiians were against it. Those opposed to annexation have long since passed away but, their progeny who make up today’s Hawaiians are all proud to be Americans.

While we at PHILNEWS.COM do not necessarily agree or disagree with the above arguments, we do find them persuasive and thus offer them to you our readers for analysis and comment. Tell us what you think. Published 7/21/2012

Saved Comments

Name: Gimme Inay
City/State/Country: Tutok kay LPiF
IP Address:


Ambrosio of California posted - "I prefer made in USA than made in China. Everything from system to chopsticks." AND Rodolfo of USA STATED "I would rather be a poor Filipino than be a part of China..." -- Which makes an intersting talking point! Note that both posters are from USA and presumably Kanonized-- so the premise for discussion- " is it better to annex the Phils to the USA but not to China?" So just how far is Filipino Patriotism and nationalism in this forum extends? Does it stop at the doorstep of the USA?

Name: kali
City/State/Country: Hawaii
IP Address:


JUAN PUSONG; “It should be of no surprise to most anybody why China easily picks on the Phls. We are a country of low moral character. Virtues like nationalism, courage, and honesty are barely in existence. We claim to be Catholic, but only in name. Instead, too much hypocrisy. Corruption is a way of life. Government itself is too complacent. Unable to finish its little wars with its own people. Unless we as a nation strongly resolve to completely transform ourselves into one adhering to honorable principles we will always be vanquished.” I want to add that too many Juan Pusong among the Filipinos, that’s why! We got to get out of the rut you just mentioned, di ba?

Name: deo
City/State/Country: flour-flower city
IP Address:


A lot of posters still don't get it! Nobody is seriously endorsing that the Philippines join China by annexation. The "arguments" presented by PNL is only a products of the kokote of people na "walang magawa". It's for fun; no one should take it seriously. After all, as I said, China is not crazy to acquire 100 million more headaches on top of 1.5 billion. Besides, Pinoys are not crazy, too! Remember the jerk who hijacked a PAL(?) to China. He thought he would be held a hero by the insect. No! he was sent to a commune and start collecting human waste (etat) for his food (no not the etat or may be, hehehe) and upkeep. I don't think tonyO would like that. hehehe.

Name: Lord Gago
City/State/Country: Sun Diego
IP Address:


China's existential claim to all South China Sea Islands as its providential owner parallels Israel's assertion to all Palestine lands based on historical rights. With this as backdrop, an endless disputes between China and her neighbors seem inevitable and costly in terms of human lives and chattels. The regional balance of power in both instances will not likely shift, China's dominance perpetuates the regional disputes forever.

Name: loraine
City/State/Country: bacolod city
IP Address:


What we must do Filipinos is to work work....hard for the development of our country. To the government must give a full support to the AFP. to our corrupt politicians should be arrested, prosecute and execute them because they are destroying our country, take the money they stole and return it to the gov.t. To our good leaders think think....plan plan... for our defense. instead of making a word war with each other.

City/State/Country: EMPIRE STATE
IP Address:


If you agree with the PNL editorial of how nice to be the new Tsimoy, the Tourism Industry's slogan for the Philippines should be replaced to read:" IT IS MORE FUN TO BE A TSIMOY NOW!" 這是更有趣的是,現在是 TSIMOY!"

Name: JRH
City/State/Country: VACATIONLAND
IP Address:


This proposed Chinese roulette of annexation is not feasible or workable in a catholic-majority country like the Phils. Chinese authorities will unjustly & unwisely restrict any religious practices be it catholic, protestant, INC, Muslims, etc...a policy wrong in itself & shows their inconsistent disrespect for human rights. Communist party members are not permitted to take part in any kind of religious activity. The Chinese authorities want to control people & religious practices of any kind will not be tolerated under a a communist party system. Freedom of religion will not work if they ever take over. No Christmas, no Holy Week, no Ramadan or fiestas whatsoever.

Name: Jorge Villanueva
City/State/Country: Canada
IP Address:


That argument about joining China is so absurd I won't even glorify it by repeating its details. Let us remain on course on defending what is part of our sovereignty. It is our God given right and the very reason we emphasize our heroic traditions and the sacrifice for freedom. I don't see any pride or reason in submitting ourselves under anyone's control. Even a golden cage is still a cage.

Name: GFJ...
City/State/Country: Hercules
IP Address:


The reason the PRC eventually instituted one child per couple policy is because PRC is the most populated country in the world. That not being enough, it added the execution of criminals. Still that is not enough to reduce overpopulation, and is begging to get into war to kill off millions of its overpopulation. Philippines is 12th most populated country in the world that has not the ability to provide sustainable employment, or feed its burgeoning population. Something's gotta give.

Name: Steve R
City/State/Country: California
IP Address:


1 of 3 Corruptions stands out like a sore thumb with statehood movement issue. Extensive corruptions during & after F Marcos declared martial law were the root causes of Hukbalahap, formed by Luis Taruc. When Taruc surrendered to President Magsaysay, his fighters who opted to continue their ‘cause’ became easy pickings for the Communist Party of the Philippines, CPP. Excerpts: “To the satisfaction of US imperialism, the Marcos dictatorship at first appeared to have succeeded in quelling the revolutionary mass movement, especially in the urban areas. But in fact, the massive repression and aggravation of the social crisis, despite the heavy inflow of foreign loans, served as stimulus to revolutionary work on a nationwide scale.”

Name: Steve R
City/State/Country: California
IP Address:


2 of 3 CPP “aims to overthrow the Philippine government through armed revolution with its direct leadership over the New People's Army and National Democratic Front. The Communist Party of the Philippines was reestablished on December 26, 1968, coinciding with the 75th birthday of Mao Zedong, the Chinese communist leader of the People's Republic of China (PRC).” National Democratic Front NDF is the Political Arm of the CPP. It is mind boggling why voters elect NDF candidates. “According to Party documents, in the 1960's, a massive leftist unrest called First Quarter Storm occurred in the country to protest against the government policies, graft and corruption and decline of the economy during the presidency of Ferdinand Marcos.”

Name: Steve R
City/State/Country: California
IP Address:


3 of 3 Generally, corruptions are committed by elected trapos & those appointed by them. When voters who accept bribery, political dynasties, & regionalism are rolled into a ball of wax, that ball of wax becomes the enablers of corrupt elected & appointed govt. officials. Several comments with the same focus were posted in the past, but this 3 elements rolled into a ball of wax as the enabler of corruptions can never be over-emphasized until a workable number of honest elected officials are in place running the PH. Based from China’s words & action, PRC is will stand pat with their claim of the West PH Sea. Or decide to walk in-land as they have CPP, NDF, NPA & LFS busy trying to overthrow the PH govt.

Name: loraine
City/State/Country: bacolod city
IP Address:


Forget this topic. what we must do is to plan how to develop our country. and we must look the buwayas in the gov't. they are the real destroyer of our country. and the gov't should give full support to AFP, and create a research and development system for our defense. weapon and ship building are best idea.



Obama, a Lincoln to millions of undocumented  immigrants?

President Barack Obama's recent Executive Order legalizing millions of undocumented immigrants will mark him in history as a great President. Undocumented immigrants are the modern day slaves in American society. In constant fear, living in substandard conditions, paid low wages for backbreaking work, subjected to all kinds of abuse and exploitation - they contribute so much to American society. Published 12/02/2014

Pope Francis' View of God

Filipinos preparing to welcome Pope Francis to the Philippines on January 15, 2015 would do well to be familiar with the Pontiff's recently enunciated views which have drawn fire from religious conservatives. One may recall that soon after his election, Pope Francis was criticized for refusing to "judge" gays. Published 11/18/2014
12 Million Metro Manila Commuters Stuck in Gridlock Hell

For much of the last month, my Facebook friends in Metro Manila have been posting comments lamenting their helplessness at being condemned to spend a great portion of what is left of their productive lives stuck in hours of traffic with no hope in sight. They now appreciate why Dan Brown described Manila in his book, Inferno, as “the gates of hell” specifically referring to its “six-hour traffic jams (and) suffocating pollution”. Published 11/062014
Why Filipino-Americans Need to Vote Democratic on November 4

Since 1620 when the pilgrims landed on Plymouth Rock, people the world over have migrated to America in search of a better life. Filipinos are no exception. In the '70s and '80s Filipinos who were able to, left for the U.S. to escape the tyranny of the Marcos regime; today they leave is to escape the poverty and the lack of opportunity in their homeland. Whatever the reason, Filipino migrants quickly shed their old habits and attitudes and embraced American culture. Published 10/30/2014
Both United States and Philippine Governments to Blame for Death of Jeffery "Jennifer" Laude

The United States and Philippine governments share the blame for the tragedy. Two young lives needlessly destroyed: the first, a young Filipino transgender found strangled inside a motel bathroom; the second a teenaged American serviceman now accused of murder. Published 10/19/2014
Death of Filipino Transgender 'Jennifer' Laude Was Totally Preventable

The evening for the young US Marine and his Filipino date "Jennifer" began at the Ambyanz Disco Bar in Subic Bay, Olongapo and ended shortly before midnight at the Celzone Lodge where "Jennifer's" lifeless body was found leaning against the toilet bowl. Jennifer, it turns out was actually not originally a "she" but a "he." A Filipino transgender, Jeffrey Laude, 26, began calling himself "Jennifer" after medical procedures made him look more female than male. Published 10/14/2014
Sorry Mr. President But PNP Chief Alan Purisima Has to Go

What’s with Philippine civil servants these days? It seems that you can stick all their pictures on a wall; throw a dart; and whoever’s photo it land on, that person can be successfully prosecuted for graft. It is unbelievable how pervasive and widespread corruption has become. We go from one corruption scandal to the next and there seems to be no end in sight. Published 10/07/2014

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