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Will Same-Sex Marriage Ever Happen in the Philippines?

he United States Supreme Court has finally put its stamp of approval on same-sex unions. This following similar actions by governments in many other first-world democracies around the globe. The high court agreed with the argument that marriage is a very important institution in society. And to deny it to a certain group simply because of their sexual orientation is overtly discriminatory. And when you think about it, the court’s ruling makes perfect sense—whether or not one is gay or straight. In properly functioning democracies (like the U.S.) everyone is equal under the law.

Unfortunately, the Philippines is not a properly functioning democracy as the Catholic Church continues to be the puppeteer behind the curtain pulling all the strings in Philippine society. Filipino bishops are almost like the mullahs of Iran who have de facto control of that country and rule as tyrants. In the Philippines for almost 500 years, prelates of the Catholic Church have demanded absolute obedience from the Filipino faithful and to this day they seem to be getting it. Indoctrinated from childhood, Filipinos are unlikely to follow the footsteps of more progressive societies and allow same-sex couples to marry.

So long as the Catholic Church maintains a firm grip over Philippine society, modern, progressive ideas that are sweeping other nations will find no place in the country. And unless Pinoys unshackle themselves from these repressive, self-serving prelates, they will forever remain a backward and unenlightened race. Published 6/27/2015

Poll: Will Same-Sex Marriage Ever Happen in the Philippines?

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