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The Iglesia ni Cristo Religion Will Eventually Self-Destruct

t will only be a matter of time before the Iglesia ni Cristo (INC), founded by Felix Manalo over a hundred years ago eventually destroys itself. Like All organized religions, it stands on shaky ground depending solely on the faith of its followers to keep it going. And once that faith begins to waiver, it is the beginning of the end for that religion.

Because at their core, organized religions—like Christianity or Islam appear to be nothing more than scams. Religions demand obedience and fidelity from their flock who support them monetarily in exchange for the promise of some “heavenly reward” in the afterlife. Conveniently, the reward will be received ONLY after the person dies—when he or she can no longer come back to challenge the church’s doctrines or demand a refund of all their donations.

With regards to the INC’s theology, some have branded it a cult due to its unorthodox views about the divinity of both Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit, as well as Manalo’s claim that he is the last messenger God will send to earth. However, in its effort to recruit more followers from mainstream Christian religions worldwide, the INC oftentimes deemphasizes those radical doctrines in order to appear more mainstream.

And taking a cue from older, established religions like the Roman Catholic Church, the INC has built grand cathedrals of worship to awe both followers and non-followers alike, and thereby “legitimize” it’s standing as an institution of substance.

Unfortunately the current schism in the INC exposes the fact that like all religions, it is run by imperfect humans who can become blinded by wealth and power. Highfaluting theological doctrines and majestic palaces are then passed over by greed, envy, and lust for power. Like the former Soviet Union which eventually imploded because its underlying Marxist-Leninist ideology was no longer relevant, so too will the INC (and eventually all other religions) suffer a similar fate. Because, as we stated earlier, they are at their core nothing but cleaver scams that deliver nothing in exchange for something.

Former Beatle John Lennon asked us to imagine a world with no religion back in 1971 when he released his hit song “Imagine.” Now 44 years later we realize if that had indeed been the case, then there would be no Al Qaida, no ISIS, and no Abu Sayyaf today. There would also be no need to pass a Bangsamoro Basic Law for Mindanao, and the twin towers in New York would likely still be standing. And the world would be a better place for everyone. Published 7/25/2015

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